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This is my first time buat blog..b4 this asik tgk org lain punya blog heheh..pastu mulala raser jeles tgk blog org takper....pelan2 belajar touch up

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Glimpse Of A Few Items For My Giveaway

Ini a few items yang saya wat sendiri...sajer jer..nk coba2an kan..tgk org wat, saya pon nak wat..jadiknyer ini antara item2 yg saya first time wat...

Tema Merahhhhhsssss

a pair of rose red ribbon earring

one rose ribbon brooch for embelishment (ni utk letak kat beg jer tau)

rose ribbon key ring................
so frenzzzzz, stay tune.....all of the items will be upload on the 4th October 2010...don't miss out yaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

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